Louisiana Liquor Liability

Alcohol Liability Insurance in Louisiana

Louisiana liquor liability insurance

When alcohol is involved, things become suddenly much more complex for businesses and their owners or operators. Immediately, a new set of financial, legal, and even moral concerns arise. At the top of this list is host liquor liability insurance in Louisiana. Learn more of the essential details here.

Louisiana Host Liquor Liability Coverage Facts

Do you need Louisiana alcohol liability insurance? The answer is yes if…

  • You’re a restaurant, bar, nightclub or tavern selling and serving alcohol.
  • You’re a liquor store or convenience store selling or distributing alcohol.
  • You’re a social club or another space which serves or facilitates its usage.
  • You host or run events which provide or serve alcohol.

Keep in mind, your general liability insurance does not include host liquor liability. You must purchase it separately in order to be covered.

Look for policies which are comprehensive, so you aren’t left unguarded in a bad situation. You’ll want legal fees included, and you should also look for policies which cover your own employees, too.

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