Louisiana Garage Liability

Louisiana garage liability policyGarage Keepers Liability Insurance Coverage in Louisiana

Garage keepers insurance in Louisiana is important for used automobile dealerships, along with other businesses and industries. Garage liability effectively combines automotive insurance with general liability, offering seamless protection in two distinct areas which are applicable for commercial purposes.

Here, learn a bit more about what may be required and what else you need to know.

Louisiana Garage Keepers Insurance Facts

So, are you required to have a garagekeepers policy?

In the state of Louisiana, garage keepers coverage for used car dealers has a $55,000 minimum limit, and it is legally mandated. This is separate from, and in addition to, surety bond requirements. Keep in mind, different types of dealerships and other businesses may have different minimums and requirements. We’ll walk you through the process and find the policy that’s a perfect fit for your needs.

Beyond this, a range of different types of businesses in Louisiana may want to protect themselves with a garage liability policy even if they are not legally required. For instance, a valet parking garage service, or an oil change or tire shop, amongst a range of other businesses.

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