Keeping Track of Florida Auto Dealer Bond Expiration Dates

Keeping Track of Florida Auto Dealer Bond Expiration Dates

As we always remind our clients in different locales, each state handles their auto dealership bonds differently. This includes different expiration dates and term lengths for the bonds, different minimum coverage levels, additional requirements, and on down the line from there.

Here we’ll take a look specifically at the expiration dates for Florida auto dealer bonds. Florida makes it a bit more confusing than other states, because their expiration dates vary depending on what type of dealer license you have.

For instance, used car dealerships, who hold an independent dealer or VI license, have a renewal date of April 30th for their bonds. Meanwhile franchise dealerships, with a VF license, have a renewal date of the end of the calendar year, December 31st. Meanwhile, both types of recreational dealers, including RU and RV dealer licenses, have an expiration date of September 30th.

There are other dealership licenses in the state, of course. This includes wholesale dealers, auctions, service facilities, salvage, mobile home dealers, and more, so be sure to check the specifics of your own license type.

On the flip side of the equation, while the dates are all different which adds some complexity to the matter, they do it for the reason of staggering those dates and keeping things flowing more freely, instead of everyone trying to renew on the exact same day.

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