Important Facts About Liquor Liability Insurance

Important Facts About Liquor Liability Insurance

Need to Know Liquor Liability Insurance Information

Confused about your needs for liquor liability insurance? You aren’t the only one. That’s why we’ve put together a quick and easy guide to some of the most important need to know facts about alcohol liability insurance. Take a look.

Top Facts About Liquor Liability Insurance

  1. General Liability Isn’t Enough: Many business owners mistakenly think that general liability is the end all and be all of insurance. Even for realms beyond host liquor liability, that’s not true. But in almost all cases, general liability does not included the protection you need with a liquor liability policy. You need a separate form of coverage.
  2. Not Just for Bars: Alcohol liability coverage isn’t just for bars. In most states, any business which sells or serves alcohol, or otherwise facilitates its usage, needs some form of policy. From social clubs to event hosts to convenience stores, that’s a much broader spectrum than merely bars alone.
  3. Legal Fees Are Not Always Included: This one is a real kick in the pants for business owners who are caught off guard. Some policies do not include coverage for legal fees. Others include coverage, but subtract the legal fees from the overall policy limit. Either way, that can be a hugely rude awakening should something happen. Be sure to find a policy which provides the right level of legal fee coverage.
  4. Drunk Driving Isn’t the Biggest Concern: Anytime alcohol is served, drunk driving is the biggest problem, right? Well, actually, in this case the most pressing concern is typically going to be assault and battery. That’s where far more of these cases and claims come from. Be sure the policy protects against that as well.
  5. Costs Differ Hugely Based on State Laws: How much you pay for liquor liability insurance is entirely dependent on the state you do business in, and the specific laws and regulations they have. This could take you anywhere from $2 per $1,000 in liquor sales, to $15 or more per $1,000. Again, it’s a huge spectrum dependent upon where you live.

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