Georgia Liquor Liability

Alcohol Liability Insurance in Georgia

Georgia liquor liability insuranceMany different businesses and industries will need adequate Georgia host liquor liability coverage in order to fully protect themselves. It’s important for you, the business owner, to understand from the start that this type of coverage is not already included with your general liability. You need to obtain this separately, or else you’ll be left out in the cold when you’re in need of coverage.

Georgia Host Liquor Liability Coverage Facts

Who needs alcohol liability insurance? Restaurants and bars are the obvious answers, but the list doesn’t end there. Liquor and beer stores, convenience stores who sell, social and fraternal clubs, nightclubs, event hosts serving, providing or facilitating the usage of alcohol, and more. Anyone who sells or serves, and in some cases, manufactures, alcohol needs liquor liability.

Beyond determining that you actually need this type of coverage, there are several more important factors. First, look for a comprehensive policy that includes legal defense costs, and also covers your employees. Additionally, remember that while drunk driving may seem like the obvious reason you need this type of policy, assault and battery cases are far more common.

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