Georgia Garage Liability

Georgia garage liability policyGarage Keepers Liability Insurance Coverage in Georgia

Whether you’re an automobile dealership, or you’re operating another facility which handles, moves or works on a customer’s vehicle, you’re in need of high quality Georgia garage keepers insurance and liability coverage. Here, you’ll learn a bit more about this type of coverage and learn how you can take action to protect yourself.

Georgia Garage Keepers Insurance Facts

A garage liability policy in Georgia essentially combines two different forms of insurance into one policy. It includes general liability, as well as automotive insurance into one workable format for a business.

Who needs Georgia garage keepers liability? Used car dealerships are mandated to be covered with it, for instance, as are a number of other business types which are regulated and licensed by the state. Used car dealers must carry either a single limit of $125,000, or a policy of 50k/100k/25k as a minimum.

Beyond that, repair shops, oil change or tire shops, valet services and garages, and numerous other business classifications all need a garage keepers policy.

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