Georgia Dealer Bonds

Car Dealer Bonds in Georgia

affordable Georgia used card dealer bondsIf you’re planning on selling cars off a lot in Georgia, then your business needs appropriate coverage with the right type of motor vehicle dealer bond. The surety bond you obtain is one important piece of the requirements to get and keep your dealer license.

We know exactly what’s involved in the process, and can help you swiftly navigate it, with affordable rates, and the right type of protection which you need.

Georgia Auto Dealers Bond Facts & Requirements

Used car dealer bonds in Georgia come with a series of specific regulations and requirements. Here’s a quick overview to help you get on track:

  • Dealer bonds in Georgia must be in the amount of $35,000
  • Every Georgia auto dealers bond must be set to expire on March 31st
  • Dealers bonds are good for a two year period, with expiration in even-numbered years

There are also additional requirements in order to obtain and maintain your Georgia dealers license. In addition to the bond, you’ll need garage liability insurance in the appropriate amount, and will need to submit to a criminal background check, and complete several other logistical and documentation steps.

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