Georgia Workers Comp Information & Important Insight for Any Georgia Business Owner

Georgia Workers Comp Information & Important Insight for Any Georgia Business Owner

If you’re an employer or small business owner in the state of Georgia, workers compensation insurance is likely a requirement for you. However, there are several important, need to know pieces of information about what the specifics of coverage are, and when they apply.

Learn more and see if you need to obtain workers comp in Georgia or not. With more than a billion dollars annually doled out in indemnity benefits in Georgia, clearly this is a large issue.

The basic laws for Georgia workers comp insurance indicate that employers who “regularly” employ three or more people are required to obtain coverage. This includes part-time employees, and this also includes situations when there has been rapid turnover. There doesn’t need to be a consistent three people employed, just that there are indeed three regularly employed individuals.

If your business has corporate officers, they can waive coverage on themselves. However, it’s important to note that this does not exempt them from being counted as one of the necessary three employees required to determine whether or not you need to have workers compensation insurance in Georgia.

Also, keep in mind that if you run your own business, or even if you have a partner in an LLC, that sole proprietors and partners are considered as employers, not employees. So if you have three partners running an LLC together, but no other employees, you don’t need to get workers comp, because you’re all considered to be employers.

Remember, while many people view workers compensation insurance as a federal issue, it actually comes down to a state by state basis for which specific regulations apply to you and in what ways. So, the information presented here for Georgia workers comp insurance won’t specifically apply to you if you live in, or operate your business in, a different state.

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