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Affordable workers compensation FloridaIf you’re a business owner in the state of Florida then there’s a very good chance that you are mandated by law to acquire workers compensation insurance. Florida regulations differ from those in other states, and here you can find more information from our experienced team, before taking action and obtaining the correct type of coverage for your business.

FL Workers Comp Laws

Employers in the construction industry must have workers compensation coverage no matter how many or few employees they have, including full or part-time. Companies who utilize sub-contractors must also have proof of workers compensation insurance from each sub-contractor.

Outside the construction industries, employers must have Florida workers compensation insurance when they have four or more employees, either full or part-time.

In the agricultural industry, employers with six or more regular employees, and/or 12 or more seasonal employees working for more than 30 days, must have workers compensation in Florida.

Even if your business is based out of state, if you’re hiring workers to perform work in Florida, then the same rules generally apply. However, it’s important to be familiar with the rules and regulations of both states in such instances, including potential extraterritorial reciprocity.

There will also be other factors to consider, such as waivers and exceptions, and we’ll be sure to go through all of your options with you.

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