Florida Liquor Liability

Florida liquor liability insurance

Alcohol Liability Insurance in Florida

Businesses selling and/or serving alcohol face a different set of risks and concerns than other businesses. This is where the right type of liquor liability coverage comes into play. Learn more about it and how we can help here.

Florida Host Liquor Liability Coverage Facts

Restaurants and bars are the obvious candidates for who needs host liquor liability insurance in Florida. But who else is included? The truth is that any company who is selling or serving alcohol, facilitating its usage, or even manufacturing it, needs specific coverage in place.

Further, it’s almost never included in your preexisting liability coverage. You need to purchase it separately. All policies aren’t the same, either, as the right type of policy will provide you with coverage for legal defense costs, while also covering your employees, such as the bartender serving the drink, or the cashier behind the counter of a store.

When most business owners think of why they need host liquor liability coverage, they think of drunk driving and the injuries or damage which could result. This is certainly true, however, the majority of the claims which are applicable here actually tend to be for assault and battery.

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