Florida Garage Liability

Florida garage liability policyGarage Keepers Liability Insurance Coverage in Florida

Automobile dealerships and a variety of other businesses need garage liability insurance coverage in Florida in order to maintain their licenses and conduct their operations. Other businesses may wisely choose, without mandate, to obtain garagekeepers coverage in order to more fully guard against potential mishaps.

Florida Garage Keepers Insurance Facts

Licensed automobile dealers in Florida including Independent Dealers (VI), Auction Dealers (VA) and Wholesale Dealers (VW) may either choose a general liability insurance policy, or are required to have a garage liability policy set at a minimum of $25,000 including bodily injury and property damage, along with $10,000 for personal injury.

Of course, auto dealerships are not the only ones who need a high quality garage keepers insurance policy in Florida.

Valet parking lots and services, repair shops including quick oil and lube or tire shops, car washes, and many other types of facilities also require garage keepers coverage. As a general guide, if a customer or client-owned vehicle is kept on your property for any period of time and may be moved, driven or worked on, garage keepers insurance is required.

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